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Astrolenergies Personal Profile and 2023-24 planner
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I believe : 

1) every day has its own mix of elemental energies
(determined by a simple combination of movements of the sun, moon, day of the week, season of the year etc)

2) each energy pattern suggests ideal activities
(know best days for love, family, money, career, learning, travel, business, growth, rest, rejuvenation)

3) every person has their own elemental energy
(determined by the specific energy pattern on the day they were born, are you one main element? mixed? balanced?)

4) different energy patterns have different traits
(are you a leader, teacher, protector, nurturer,all rounder? driven by competition, ideas, feedback, rewards, harmony ?)

5) personal power days = both energies align
(You will have between 20- 40 Personal Power days each year - theses are Magickal days when you can shine brightest)

Learn more by having your personal Astrolenergies Profile done


* Discover your personal energy profile and highlight your strengths

* Look out for, and make the most of your Personal Power Days

* Learn to read each day's energies and plan your activities accordingly


ASTROLENERGIES© is a totally original concept by Margaret Copland of Uncle Festers.

It represents a radical new mix of astrology and the elemental energies also found in alchemy, magic and psychology. Simple to understand and use - yet profoundly insightful Margaret has been developing this concept for years and is now ready to offer personal Astrolenergies profiles for only $40 which includes :


full details on this simple concept, summary personal information and a list of your personal power days through to December 2023 which will be e-mailed to you - we just need your birthdate (including the year) and place of birth.

This really is exciting stuff . . .

The base price includes several documents as PDF's that will be emailed to you to download; 

As an upgrade you can have us post out a printed version of the information booklet, with colour charts, the 2023 planner and a nice certificate listing your basic details and your personal power days for the following 12 months.




Reviews  and Customer Love for Astrolenergies


Hi margaret.... i had a really good look at the astrolenergies last night. this is such an awesome idea! i can see why (and feel) you are excited! so in answer to your questions - yes the results fitted me very well. here is my recommendation: i have always known i was an 'earth' person but not to the extent it shows on the charts. having a keen interest in my heritage of gypsy ancestors, i have always been on the fringe to speak. but then many alternative spiritualities are just like that. i think with astrolenergies the combining of many paths that after all are very similar, shows an holistic approach that is really needed. this is wonderful and so accurate! Thanks S


Hi again Margaret, First of all, a huge thank you for the reading. It really makes a difference to look at the whole picture, doesn't it. I love that your reading isn't one of those nasty computer-generated 90 page novels which has huge chunks of repetition. As a strong fire you've picked up on my personality pretty much spot on (and I agree with your comments about Fire-predominants in today's Astrolenergies newsletter). I found your newsletter just as interesting... it's fun comparing my appointment diary with the daily forecast and seeing how intuitive a person can be. . . . . . - J


I spoke to Margaret about this a few weeks ago and thought it was great Margaret has actually sent me my own personal chart. This concept "Astrolenergies" has been well researched and thought out, I am very impressed . Margaret knows what she's talking about and my chart is spot on, we have been phone friends for quite a while and I'm usually an idiot but the chart pointed out my true identity and special traits that Margaret would not know from our calls.So her system works and it's easy to understand. Great work Margaret! Kimi


An incredible, original tool that I am still experimenting with - S


I think the whole concept is awesome!! I have known for a while that i am an air element but this has given me a better understanding of the other 'minor' elements influencing the 'why' i do things the way i do. It has been a fun thing to learn more about thank you. You are doing fantastic job. - R


Everyone needs to get this done!
I am so pleased with the package that I received. Furthermore being in hospital the last few weeks, Margaret very kindly emailed me some of the reading material to get me started.This is another example of the amazing customer service that I have received from Uncle Festers.- L


ooooh thankyou!  I love my astrolenergies...they are always so accurate! - S


I’m blown away!
Wow! Just wow! I finally read through the PDF that you’ve sent, and I’m blown away! It is so beautiful! And on point too!I’m going to print out the page with the lucky dates and stick it into my planner so I can look at it before I plan my week! ❤I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful guide that you are creating. ❤ It is the best New Year’s + Birthday gift that I gave myself! MG - USA


A Real Winner
I reckon your Astrolenergies concept is a real winner, definitely time for going public. I know that every time you remind me that is one of my personal power days I get excited and enthusiastic, it's a great idea. S



Hi MargaretPlease include me in the Astrolenergies emails. I had one done when you first offered them and it is much more accurate than the traditional "12" astrology profile.L



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  • 5
    Enlightening and Empowering

    Posted by Simon Kemper on 22nd Nov 2023

    Truly remarkable! So much detailed information. I have learnt so much from this and gained many wonderful insights. Most definitely worth it!

  • 5

    Posted by Sharon cook on 21st Jun 2023

    Injoy reading everything.thank you

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