Autumn Magick





The Autumn months are associated with the element of Water and represent our feelings and emotions - so a time of empathy, compassion, caring, nurturing, hearth and home, imagination, beauty, poetry, the arts. Letting go, building for the future, generosity and healing. It is all about our connections and relationships with other people, as well as a deeper connection to our wider universe.

It is a gentler and more reflective energy than the harsh and active summer months just gone. Then we looked at what we wanted to do and found the inspiration and energy to do it. Now we should go deeper and work out WHY we do what we do, and what our goals represent to us personally (ie the emotions behind the action). . Then there is also WHO are we doing this for? Who gets to share the rewards of our efforts, who else is involved etc.

This is the time of year we start to reap the results of past efforts - traditionally a time of harvest feasts and thanksgiving celebrations, of sharing our successes. It is also a time of assessment - what needs to be saved for the future? What loose ends need tidying up before the commencement of the harsh winter months? What emotional baggage are we carrying? Sort through emotional issues now and make peace with yourself and others.

The traditional magickal tools for Autumn include the Chalice, the Cauldron and the Besom - all linked to water, domesticity, family and the home. Poppet magick is also perfect for these energies -as are all blue crystals (sodalite, lapis, aquamarine, dumortierite, and blue goldstone) - as well as the love crystals - rose quartz and aventurine and all shells. Explore too the magickal benefits of the huge family of the white / water / moon plants (jasmine, camomile, mugwort, bladderwrack, motherwort, feverfew, hops, vines etc etc).

Moon and Love magicks are all very Water energy - as are self care, bathing and beauty rituals, dreamwork and creative arts. Hold your outdoor rituals around water if possible - running creeks, lakes, ponds, the sea - are all more magickal places in Autumn.

Finally Autumn is also the season for the sense of Taste - so take time to enjoy lots of yummy things, especially if you make it yourself and share with friends and family.




Are you a Water Energy Person? Is this you?

a people person
have lots of friends
put family first
caring and sharing

if so you are in for lots of Personal Power days before Autumn's end
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