Spring Magick



It is Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Spring months are associated with the element of Air and represent a time of rebirth, inspiration, travel, enlightenment, new beginnings, conception, clear and swift thought , freedom, knowledge, communication etc.

This all highlights the spiritual benefits of a big “Spring Clean” - of space and mind - if not body as well. I really recommend it.

Further, ringing bells and smudging are two esoteric ways of reinforcing clearing energies.

Starting New Activities, Learning, Reading and Writing are all very Air Element activities

Magickally Spring is also the best time for Divination - so use a pendulum or tarot cards or scrying tools etc to help determine what outcomes you want to achieve in this coming year. Note however, this is not just a time of "dreaming" but of starting to take action to explore your options.
So write it all down. What "seeds" do you need to sow now?

Then take the next step, (even if further steps are unclear ).

Place representations of your desires on a spring altar along with traditional symbols of Spring and change as often as you desire.

This is the season for the sense of Smell - so take time to enjoy lots of scented flowers, incense and other nice smells.

Get outside as much as possible - relish the mild months while we have them.

Are you an Air Energy Person? Is this you?

cerebral, full of ideas
logical, reasoning
a perpetual student
author, poet, wordsmith
teacher or communicator
scientist or technician
life of the party - fun and sociable
lover of novelty and surprises
seeking peace of mind
sometimes flighty and careless
often absent minded

if so you are in for some very strong Personal Power days over the next few months
You can find out more with one of our unique personal
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