Summer Magick





The Summer months are associated with the element of Fire and represent a time of vital energy, the life force, inspired action, willpower, passions, enterprise, expansion, creative outflow of life, intuition, inspiration, spontaneity, manifesting, adventures, sunlight, bonfires, wild dances, heat, flames, electricity, noon, hot, dry, time of youth, health and success. Ideal for all forms of spiritual and personal growth.

This is my time of year and I really love it. Fire personalities (such as myself) thrive on Summer's high energy - and take every chance to dream big visions, revisit achievements and set new goals - (whether we follow up and actually do the work is a completely different story - as we've often lost interest once project begins, and / or find a different one to dream about. . ). Others types however can get inspired and extra creative now, then focus in the following months on getting the things done that propel their projects and goals forward.

Summer is the traditional time for performing "evocation magick" ie. incantations, prayers, the summoning of angels or universal energies etc. These are perfect accompaniments too for all forms of candle magick; and candle flame scrying. You may even try your hand at fairy or dragon magick and leave an offering in a nearby forest.

Meaningful talismans and charms are very "fire energy", particularly those that inspire you or you see as personally representing you and your ambitions. Get a little charm bag and start adding meaningful tokens as you find them.

Wands are considered by some as Fire element tools as are all manner of energy healings. Consecrate any such tools you own now along with your Candle holders and Generator / Pyramid crystals.

Look too at your personal energy levels embark on a health kick if needed, or explore a whole new method of healing. Rest, if that is what your body is screaming for. Work hand and play hard now but remember too to rest and replenish during these very active times.

Finally Summer is also the season for the sense of Sight - so take time to enjoy lots of visually beautiful things - art and nature. Try some mandala meditations or nice oracle cards.
Are you a Fire Energy Person? Is this you?

active and energetic
a natural leader
a visionary
an adventurer
a free spirit
seeking growth
sometimes insensitive to others
often chaotic

if so you are in for lots of Personal Power days before Summer's end
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