Winter Magick


The Winter months are associated with the element of Earth - so a represent the time for introspection, rest and regrouping. The more sombre months are naturally quieter and more solitary, an ideal time to focus on our personal and physical needs - health, homes, finances and career aspirations etc. As well as work out exactly what it is we value and take steps to get more of, and protect, that.

Magickally Winter is the best time for inner work and journaling in a nice tactile leather book might help - write / work out all that internal stuff that is holding you back from achieving your dreams. Explore the memories you hold around different issues, examine your core beliefs etc. Read up on "Shadow Work."

This is also the season to honour our sense of "Touch" so cosy up with blankets and winter woollens, exercise more, have massages, physically connect more with others. Treat yourself too with little luxuries and nice food.

Simplify - Have smoking / purging ceremonies for anything that no longer serves. Set up a nice pentagram on your altar with select crystals to represent your desires. This is the time for some Crone wisdom and learning from our experiences. Be a role model. Help others out by offering practical assistance.

The traditional magickal tools for Winter include the Pentacle, Pendulum and the Cauldron as well as the practice of herbal and crystal magicks generally. Specific crystals that correspond to winter generally however are the neutrals, browns and greens - agates, tigers eye. etc. Herbs are specially those that are evergreen staples - Oak, Ivy, Mistletoe, Holly and the cleansing purifying / protecting ones - sage, hyssop, clover etc.

Get out into nature when the weather allows - particularly to visit woods, rocks, caves and gardens

Traditional, formal rituals with all the trimmings are very Earth energy.
As are Spells for real estate, money, career, strength, courage and health.




Are you an Earth Energy Person? Is this you?

live in the now
practical and reliable
focussed on what needs to be done
good with your hands
like physical tools
need structure
have daily routines
fixed in your ways

if so you are in for lots of Personal Power days before Winter's end
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