Book - Tarot Colouring

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Book - Tarot Colouring
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Create your very own colourful collection of masterpieces and delve into the mystical realms of the sacred art of Tarot with these mesmerizing images

Step into the spiritual world of Tarot and seek insight into your past, present and future while awakening your creativity with these striking illustrations.

Within this bewitching colouring book you will find Tarot-themed images alongside essential details about the meanings of the cards, and how to interpret their symbolism and understand your Tarot readings.

Inside you'll find:

- Images that are great for developing fine motor skills, improving focus, reducing stress and relieving anxiety

- A short history of Tarot and how and why it has been used as a tool for divination for centuries

- Easy-to-follow information on the major and the minor arcana cards

- Encouraging quotes to keep you motivated

Go on a voyage of self-discovery and see what the cards are ready to reveal to you.


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