Book - The Witch's Book of Numbers

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Book - The Witch's Book of Numbers
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In The Witch’s Book of Numbers, author Rebecca Scolnick reveals how you too can apply the incredible power of numerology to amplify your magic using only pen, paper, and a simple calculator (no complex mathematics required)!


In these pages, you will learn:


How to find your Significant Six ― the six important numbers that reveal powerful clues to your unique path in this lifetime

How to use the ancient Magic Square technique

How to use the power of numerology to amplify and enhance your spellwork

Whether you’re a beginner witch or have years of experience, The Witch’s Book of Numbers will deftly guide you through the history and relevance of numerology for today’s practitioner, offering exercises, spellwork, correspondences, and activities all designed to help boost your practice and enrich and empower your journey as a witch.



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