Crystal Sand - various

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Crystal Sand - now 18 varieties
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Crystal sand is very fine ground gemstones - aside from their individual properties - such sand might be useful for all sorts of things - as a base for burning charcoal or incense cones, to set candles in a place, a base for displaying other crystals, in spell bags, as tactile meditation . . . use your imagination . ..

180g jars currently available varieties, labelled as such

Standard range :

Amethyst - healing (one in stock)
Angelite - angelic connection
Bloodstone - boost self esteem
Carnelian - courage (one in stock)
Garnet - love and passion
Green Aventurine - good luck
Hessonite - protect the mind
Peridot - abundance
Rainbow Moonstone - intuition
Sodalite - communication
Tiger Eye - self confidence

Premium range :

Aragonite - connection with earth ($28)
Chrysocolla - release fears ($26)
Turquoise (Peruvian) - well being ($28)
Shungite - purification ($35)

Out of Stock

Black Tourmaline - protection
Citrine - prosperity
Clear Quartz - clear negativity
Lapis Lazuli - wisdom
Peridot - abundance
Rose Quartz - universal love
Selenite - cleansing 



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