Journal - Lunar Abundance

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Journal - Lunar Abundance
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Lunar Abundance is a beautiful and practical guide for to cultivating joy, peace, and purpose in your life, guided by the phases of the moon.


This companion workbook will guide you in putting Lunar Abundance into practice to help create a better life for you and for those in your orbit. It includes: 


- Profiles of the 8 moon phases and eclipses and how to work with their natural ebbs and flows 

- DIY monthly and weekly views of the moon cycles, with fill-in space to chart each cycle according to your time zone 

- Writing and reflection prompts 

- Monthly themes and intention-setting suggestions for New Moon, Full Moon, etc 

- Wellness and motivational affirmations and quotes 


Filled with inspirational photography and graphics, this workbook is perfect for any woman seeking holistic wellness and unique inspiration to feed the mind, body, and spirit.


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