Large Amethyst Specimen on stand

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Amethyst specimen - small
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AMETHYST for Intuition.

Stone of spirituality and conetentment. Gives stability, strength, invigoration and inner peace. Great for meditation
and improving your intuition. Good for protection. Helps reduces Stress.


These are one off specimens so the pictures are the actual ones you are ordering (subject to availability)

I'm highlighting here three at a time of my suppliers current stocks so you can see the range  - the cheapest, dearest and one in the middle; as a guide the main picture I'm using shows the small, then the large (or you can hover over the thumnail pictures to see the text of which is which) 


Amethyst specimen - large - 8.70kg  40 cm high - $1500

Amethyst specimen - medium - 4.56kg  33 cm high - $900

Amethyst specimen - small - 2.70kg  27cm high - $540

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