Learning Cards - Stress Coping Skills

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Learning Cards - Stress Coping Skills
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We live in an era when stress is a way of life and can seem inescapable. But stress doesn't have to run our lives, and it can even be our friend, according to Dr. Faith G. Harper.


This 52-card deck offers exercises, reflections, and conversation starters to help us tackle the stressful situations and relationships in our lives. Two types of cards can be mixed together or used separately:

Survive cards provide short-term strategies you can use to find focus and purpose in difficult moments;

Thrive cards offer longer-term strategies to change your relationship with stress, helping you shift your perspective, assumptions, habits, and self-talk so that intense feelings can motivate rather than overwhelm you.

Use these cards on your own or with your partner, a friend, or your therapist to build confidence and trust in your ability to handle whatever the world throws at you.



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