Oracle Cards - Deadly Apothecary

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Oracle Cards - Deadly Apothecary
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Explore the magickal and medicinal properties of poisonous plants from around the world.


Considered baneful weeds, it transpires that the most maligned plants in history contain incredible cures. In the Deadly Apothecary Oracle, discover their benefits on an energetic level under the guidance of their spirits – the priestesses of poison.


These botanicals function in a very powerful way and, just like these plants, the intense emotions we feel as humans – the ones we try to keep hidden – also function in a powerful way. In fact, working through these emotions can be one of our greatest cures. Embracing our shadow sides is not a journey for the faint of heart. Heed the call of the priestesses of poison and voyage with them through light and darkness. If you do, you will be gifted with many insights. Let them help you accept all parts of yourself.



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