Student Surprise Parcel - pack 7

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Student Surprise Parcel 7
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The seventh of our Mega Student Surprise parcels has the theme "Healing and Herbal Magick" and covers the content our Wicca course lessons 23, 24 and 28. These packs contains more information (in the form of collectable cards) and all the practical products you need to help put these lessons into practice.

Optional Club Add Ons

Herb Jar of the Month - Each parcel you will receive a new magickal herb, resin or wood in our gorgeous glass jars plus laminated information cards on the properties of each herb and suggested spells and other uses. Thus your herb collection will look fantastic and your knowledge library build up over time. The apothecary jars are good quality ones - nice and thick clear glass with airtight lids, each one is 7 cm tall and 5.5 cm in diameter. Add $10 for the jar (with no added postage)

Jumbo Crystal of the Month - Add a wonderful jumbo sized tumbled stone to your parcels and build on your collection of these great sized stones - ideal for altar displays or holding in meditation - at $10 each this option saves $2 on each crystal (with no added postage)

Divination tool of the month - have fun experimenting with different forms of divination across different cultures and times - add $20

Altar tool of the month - build up your main altar tools a piece at at a time, carefully curated tools you will love to use for years to come - add $20

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