Witches Besom with colour handles

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Mini Witches Besom
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Like the cauldron the broom (or Besom) is another symbol of feminine domesticity that has long been connected with witches. Nowadays the besom is also seen as a balance between the male (phallic) stick and the softer brush end (female) and used to symbolically sweep an area clear of negativity and / or prepare a ritual space.

This handy little broom is approx 16 cm long

There are 6 colours to choose from which I equate to :

hot pink - fire energy / self development
blue - water energy / connections with others
green - earth energy / physical matters
yellow - air energy / ideas and problems
black - balanced energies / calm


purple - mixed energies / play  - {sorry currently out of stock}

They are also ideal for decorating in seasonal colours and themes by adding ribbons, charms and flowers etc etc.

Your besom will comes packaged up with an information card that has spells / rhymes to help cleanse your home of negative energies. Ideal for spring "cleaning" and positivity. Hang over a doorway afterwards for continued protection.

As an optional extra I can also add a silver pentagram or heart charm with the words "Blessed Be"

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