Book - Tarot for Love and Relationships

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Book - Tarot for Love and Relationships
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Relationships are fundamental to our quality of life and we strive to understand them and make them better. The tarot persuades us to look deeply and more carefully at every aspect of both our love and our work relationships.


In both our love lives and work relationships, tarot readings can instil a sense of deeper understanding and more careful consideration. Whether you feel let down by your best friend, stuck in a stagnant relationship, or sensing friction at work the Tarot can be a powerful tool for making decisions.


From the triumphs to the heartbreaks, it can help us to assess current situations or future events with extraordinary accuracy, and its 78 cards allow it to cover a huge variety of possibilities.


Tarot for Love & Relationships includes sample readings using both classic spreads and new arrangements, and illustrated with the classic Rider Waite deck, this is a complete guide to navigating relationships with the Tarot.


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