Book - The Cards You're Dealt

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Book - The Cards You're Dealt
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We are not always dealt the gentlest cards in life. Sometimes we’re dealt a very difficult hand. At some point all of us will be confronted by life’s inevitable tough passages: the loss of loved ones, a health crisis or illness, the endless thrum of national and global tragedies ― as well as the empty nest, the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, the loss of youth.


When we’re going through a difficult time, tarot can be a source of comfort, catharsis, healing, and connection to a power greater than ourselves. Doing a tarot reading can help you tune into your instincts and make better choices. It can help you think clearly during those moments when nothing feels simple or clear. And when you realise, 'I have three options, and frankly, all of them are lousy and this whole situation is just really sad', tarot can help you find acceptance and bear the pain with a little more grace.


But even in difficult times, we can find purpose and hope. With tarot as a tool, we can make wiser choices and steer things in a more positive direction.


In this guidebook, Theresa provides :

* Card meanings and how to interpret them in the context of difficult passages
* Tarot spreads, practices, rituals, and exercises
* Personal reflections and journaling prompts

The Cards You’re Dealt will help you deepen your connection to the tarot and find what you need to help you, and your clients, begin the healing process.



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