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Cauldron Club Surprise Parcel
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Uncle Fester's Cauldron Club Join the cauldron club and receive regular surprise parcels of goodies (worth $50 or more) plus information sheets & special offers - all for $30 a month (plus $15 post).


Imagine a surprise parcel turning up on your doorstep every month, for 13 months -containing a careful selection of Uncle Festers unique Gifts, Jewellery and Witchy Supplies
Your collection grows over the year, building up into a complete altar set with all the magick tools you’ll need, lots of different supplies to sample, lots of information to learn, as well as extra gifts for friends, and some nice jewellery for yourself.
Each month you’ll receive one major piece as well as several other items, such as those shown in the sample below. This set contains a censer which doubles as a pillar candle holder, a Love Spell Pack, magickal herbs and charcoals, incense cones, an ankh celtic knot necklace, familiar cat charm, a mini tarot reading and a lucky charms lucky dip. All up around $50-60 worth of product (note the actual contents will vary). In addition there are information sheets and a club newsletter that outlines more information and special offers on selected books and other merchandise.

The club has now been running 20 years with over 600 participants and all have been extremely happy with their parcels - they say it is like Christmas each month and love the surprises - most even want to continue on afterwards (hence we started our general "surprise parcel" option and keep adding new options to the family)
Basically to begin you receive a starter package first that contains your first lot of goodies, an introduction newsletter and a nice folder in which to keep your monthly information cards. Then you slot in to the cycle with the others until your year is up. To participate, and receive all the goodies, information and special offers in the Uncle Fester’s Cauldron Club is only $30 / month plus postage of $15.

There are no contracts - you pay month by month and can pull out any time. Use the button below to register in the Cauldron Club and to pay for your first month parcel - similar to the one shown below.

You also now have the Optional to add a few other goodies

Herb Jar of the Month - Each month you will receive a new magickal herb, resin or wood in our gorgeous new glass jars plus laminated information cards on the properties of each herb and suggested spells and other uses. Thus your herb collection will look fantastic and your knowledge library build up over time. The apothecary jars are good quality ones - nice and thick clear glass with airtight lids, each one is 7 cm tall and 5.5 cm in diameter. Add $10 for the jar (with no added postage)

Jumbo Crystal of the Month - Add a wonderful jumbo sized tumbled stone to your parcels and build on your collection of these great sized stones - ideal for altar displays or holding in meditation - at $10 each this option saves $2 on each crystal (with no added postage)

I also wanted to add that I am a member of the Cauldron Club and I am extremely happy with everything I get every month. My collection is becoming quite large and I have to say, recieving my package every month is one of the few things I look forward to. Fantastic job!
I am just dropping a quick email to let you know that I got my parcel today and it was fantastic it was like christmas, I was so excited well worth the $30 and then some wonderful quality and the mini tarot reading was amazingly accurate.
I am so loving the Cauldron club packages each month. So I was a little upset when I received the email about the payment being declined. I immediately told my husband & he made sure money was in my account. I also sent a reply straight back saying to try again, I hoping you have received this email & can look forward to my package.
I want to start by saying a HUGE ty for the wonderful Cauldron Club. I’ve been getting it for a few months now and I have to say there hasn’t been a single pack that I haven’t (and my whole family) loved. Again I just want to mention how totally great I find your club. My mother too is full of praise every time we get a new pack to explore.
I've been a member of the Cauldron Club for the full 13 months and I loved every package.
Only recently joined your Cauldron Club and received first package, got good vibes on opening, packed with love, just like Christmas!
I have wanted to start collecting all things for my altar and the Cauldron Club takes all the hard work out of looking an buying these things individually - I love it!
I think the cauldron club was a great idea, rather than buying everything all in one go, I was able to spread it over a few payments and I ended up getting pretty much everything I wanted - I also love visiting the shop and seeing it all on display . . .
I don’t always have time for shopping for Witchy items, and Uncle Festers is the answer. I love the info sheet and the newsletter you have in the parcels . Also the great selection and variety of beautiful products.

Information given and items sent are not always what I would buy, but do appreciate.
I love the variety of the samples and the informative explanations that go with them
Love the cauldron club it's like prezzie time each month.
Great range of unique gifts, all the yummy herbs and incense - I found myself daydreaming about my surprise parcel - something to look forward to, you truly are wonderful . . . Thank you . . I really couldn't do without my Uncle Festers Fix.
It is pathetic how excited I get anticipating my parcel each month - I'm addicted!

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    Cauldron Club

    Posted by Aimee Gauna on 24th Oct 2023

    I love these suprise parcels, I always get so excited when I receive mine because I know they have great goodies inside. Great value for money . Alot of though has been put into them too!

  • 5
    Such fun x

    Posted by Trish Gay on 19th Aug 2023

    It’s so cool getting surprise packs. I am addicted ?

  • 5
    products were amazing , cant wait for my next parcel

    Posted by Rachel Fabar on 5th Jan 2023

    products were amazing , alot of information was given, beautifully packaged , excited for my next parcel

  • 5
    Well packed and lots of information included

    Posted by Rachel Fabar on 22nd Nov 2022

    So excited to watch my collection grow , each parcel is like an amazing surprise

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