Herbs in mini bags

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Herbs in mini bags
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We offer an extensive array of different herbs, resins, salts and woods in our main jars and bags - and now you can also order any we currently have in stock by the mini bag - with just enough to do one ritual or add to a talisman bag. There may thus be no need to buy a big bag if you just want a few pinches. These are little zip lock bags with a simple printed label.

The drop down list above will indicate which of the full list below are usually in stock (though of course this varies).

Note : If you want one that is not in stock then you may have to order a bigger jar or bag and we can order it in for you - or ask us about an appropriate substitute.

Aaron’s rod (see Mullein)
Abraham's Balm (see Chasteberry)
Absinthe herb (see Wormwood)
Acacia Gum
Activated Charcoal *
Adder's Mouth (see Chickweed)
Adderwort (see Bistort root)
African Plum (see Pygeum bark)
Agrimony *
Agueweed (see Boneset)
Albizzia *
Alchemist's Herb (see Ladies Mantle)
All-heal (see Valerian)
Allheal (see Yarrow flower)
Aloe Vera *
Amber (see St Johns wort)
Ambrosia (see Bee Pollen)
American Mandrake (see Mandrake)
American nightshade (see Poke root)
American Spinach (see Poke root)
Amla Berry *
Andrographis *
Angel flower (see Yarrow flower)
Angelica *
Archangel (see Angelica)
Arctic Root (see Rhodiola)
Arnica *
Artemesia (see Wormwood)
Artemis (see Mugwort)
Ashwanganda *
Asprin Tree (see Willow bark)
Ass's foot (see Coltsfoot)
Asthma weed (see Euphorbia)
Athena (see Marshmallow)
Bachelor's Button (see Cornflower)
Baldmoney (see Gentian)
Balm Mint (see Melissa)
Balsam-pear (see Bitter Gourd)
Barren Strawberry (see Cinquefoil)
Barrenwort (see Horny Goat weed)
Basswood (see Linden Flower)
Bastard Saffron (see Safflower)
Bat weed (see Burdock root)
Battree (see Elder flower)
Bearberry *
Bedstraw (see Cleavers)
Bee Balm (see Bergamot)
Bee Sage (see White Sage)
Beer Root (see Sassafras)
Bee's Bread (see Borage)
Begger's Buttons (see Burdock root)
Benzoin *
Bergamot *
Beth root *
Bilberry *
Bindii (see Tribulus)
Birch leaf *
Bird's Eye (see Speedwell)
Birthroot (see Beth root)
Bishops Hat (see Horny Goat weed)
Bishopwort (see Wood Betony)
Bistort root *
Bitter Gourd *
Bitter root (see Gentian)
Bitterwort (see Gentian)
Black Cohosh *
Black Dogwood (see Buckthorn)
Black Magic (see Activated Charcoal)
Black Salt *
Black Sampson (see Echinacea)
Black Snake Root (see Black Cohosh)
Black Sugar (see Licorice)
Black Walnut
Blackwort (see Comfrey)
Bladderwrack *
Blessed Milk thistle (see St Marys Thistle)
Blessed Thistle *
Blind Eyes (see Californian Poppy)
Blood of Hephaistos (see Wormwood)
Blood of Hestia (see Camomile)
Bloodwort (see Herb Robert)
Bloodwort (see Yellow Dock)
Bloody Butcher (see Valerian)
Blue Berry root (see Blue Cohosh)
Blue Cohosh *
Blue Ginseng (see Blue Cohosh)
Blue Mallow *
Bluebottle (see Cornflower)
Bone of an Ibis (see Buckthorn)
Boneset *
Bore-tree (see Elder flower)
Bow Stick (see Pau D'arco bark)
Brahmi *
Brain Thief (see Mandrake)
Bread and Cheese (see Hawthorn berries/flowers)
Bride of the Sun (see Calendula)
Broome Rain Tree (see Albizzia)
Bruisewort (see Comfrey)
Buckthorn *
Bugbane (see Black Cohosh)
Bugleweed (see Gypsywort)
Bullhead (see Tribulus)
Bull's Blood (see Horehound)
Bunny's ear (see Mullein)
Burdock root *
Burn plant (see Aloe Vera)
Butterbur (see Coltsfoot)
Cacao nibs
Calamus root *
Calendula *
Californian Poppy*
Caltrop (see Tribulus)
Camomile *
Camphor *
Cancer roto (see Poke root)
Candlewick plant (see Mullein)
Cannabis (see Hemp seed)
Capon's Tail (see Valerian)
Carbon (see Activated Charcoal)
Cardamom pods
Carpenter's herb (see Gypsywort)
Carraway seed
Cascara bark *
Catchweeed (see Cleavers)
Catmint *
Catnip (see Catmint)
Cats claw *
Cat's Head (see Tribulus)
Catshair (see Euphorbia)
Centaury *
Centinode (see Knotgrass)
Cerasee (see Bitter Gourd)
Chasteberry *
Cheese flower (see Blue Mallow)
Cheesecake (see Blue Mallow)
CheeseRennet (see Goat's rue)
Chewing John (see Galangal root)
Chickweed *
Chicory root
China Root (see Galangal root)
Chinese Barley (see Jobs Tears)
Chinese Magnolia Vine (see Schisandra)
Chinese Wolfberry (see Goji berry)
Chinese Wormwood (see Sweet Annie)
Christ's Ladder (see Centaury)
Chrysanthemum *
Chrysanthemum Parthenium (see Feverfew)
Church Steeples (see Agrimony)
Cinnamon Sedge (see Calamus root)
Cinnamon sticks
Cinquefoil *
Cleavers *
Clover (see Red Clover)
Coal (see Activated Charcoal)
Cockeburr (see Agrimony)
Coix Seed (see Jobs Tears)
Coltsfoot *
Comfrey root *
Comfrey leaf*
Coneflower (see Echinacea)
Consumptive's Weed (see Yerba Santa)
Cornflower *
Cornflower - purple
Cornsilk *
Corpse Plant (see Elderflower)
Corriander Seed
Coughroot (see Beth root)
Coughwort (see Coltsfoot)
Court Case Root (see Galangal root)
Cowgrass (see Knotgrass)
Crampbark *
Crampweed (see Cinquefoil)
Cranesbill (see Herb Robert)
Crataeva bark
Creathnach (see Purple Dulse)
Crosswort (see Boneset)
Crowberry (see Poke root)
Crown for a King (Wormwood)
Crows Foot (see Herb Robert)
Cuckoo`s Bread (see Plantain)
Cure All (see Red Sage)
Damiana *
Dandelion root
Dead Sea salt
Deerberry (see Squaw vine)
Demon Destroyer (see Tulsi)
Devil's Bane (see Vervain)
Devil's Bush (see Siberian Ginseng)
Devils Claw *
Devil's Eye (see Elderflower)
Devil's Eyelashes (see Tribulus)
Devil's Fuge (see Mistletoe)
Devil's nettle (see Yarrow flower)
Devil's plaything (see Yarrow flower)
Devil's Shoestring (see Crampbark)
Devil's thorn (see Tribulus)
Dill seed
Dillisk (see Purple Dulse)
Dixie John (see Beth root)
Dog grass (see Witchgrass)
Dog Rowan Tree (see Crampbark)
Domination Herb (see Licorice)
Donkey foot (see Coltsfoot)
Doves Foot (see Herb Robert)
Dracunculus (see Bistort root)
Dragon's Blood Herb (see Herb Robert)
Dragon's Blood Resin
Dragon's Flower (see Calamus root)
Dragon's Scales (see Bistort root)
Dragon's Teeth (see Vervain)
Dragonwort (see Bistort root)
Drive Away salt (see Black Salt)
Drunkard (see Calendula)
Dyers's Saffron (see Safflower)
Earth Apple (see Camomile)
Echinacea *
Evening Primrose seed
Egyptian privet (see Henna leaf)
Elderflower *
Elderberry *
Elecampane *
Elf Dock (see Elecampane)
Elf Leaf (see Lavender)
Elfwort (see Elecampane)
Elixer of Life (see Tulsi)
Elves Tree (see Slippery Elm)
English Couch (see Witchgrass)
Englishman`s Foot (see Plantain)
Epilobuim *
Euphorbia *
Euphrasia(see Eyebright)
Everlasting Friendship (see Cleavers)
Eye of Christ (see Speedwell)
Eye of the Star (see Horehound)
Eye root (see Goldenseal)
Eyebright *
Fairy Cheese (see Blue Mallow)
Fairy Tree (see Willow bark)
Fairy Wings (see Horny Goat weed)
False Saffron (see Safflower)
Felon Herb (see Mugwort)
Felwort (see Gentian)
Fennel seed
Feverfew *
Feverwort (see Boneset)
Feverwort (see Centaury)
Field Sorrel (see Sheep Sorrel)
File powder (see Sassafras)
Filwort (see Centaury)
Fire weed (see Epilobuim)
Fish Poison Tree (see Jamacian Dogwood)
Fishfuddle (see Jamacian Dogwood)
Five Finger Grass (see Cinquefoil)
Five flavour Fruit (see Schisandra)
Flagroot (see Calamus root)
Flannel leaf (see Mullein)
Flax seed
Flea Tree (see Albizzia)
Fleur-de-lis (see Orris root)
Flower of Riches and Honour (see Peony root)
Formosa (see Camphor)
Fox Germanium (see Herb Robert)
Foxberry (see Squaw vine)
Fox's Clote (see Burdock root)
Fragrant Fern (see Sweet Annie)
Frangula Bark (see Buckthorn)
Frankincense *
Fraughan (see Bilberry)
French lilac (see Goat's rue)
Friars's Balsam (see Benzoin)
From the Loins (see Camomile)
Galangal root *
Gall of Goat (see St Johns wort)
Gall of the Earth (see Centaury)
Gall weed (see Gentian)
Gallows (see Mandrake)
Gentian *
Gift from God (see Jasmine buds)
Gin plant (see Juniper Berry)
Ginko leaf
Ginseng (see Siberian Ginseng)
Gladdon (see Calamus root)
Goat Weed (see St Johns wort)
Goathead (see Tribulus)
Goat's Rue *
Godmother (see Heartsease)
Goji berry *
Golden Bough (see Mistletoe)
Golden Buttons (see Tansy)
Golden Goddess (Tumeric Root)
Golden Poppy (see Californian Poppy)
Golden root (see Goldenseal)
Golden Root (see Rhodiola)
Goldenseal *
Golds (see Calendula)
Good Luck Plant (see Solomons Seal)
Goosegrass (see Cleavers)
Gotu Kola
Grapple plant (see Devilsclaw)
Grass Myrtle (see Calamus root)
Gravel root *
Graveyard Dirt (see Patchouli)
Graveyard Dust (see Mullein)
Green Archangel (see Gypsywort)
Green Fairy herb (see Wormwood)
Green Wolf's Foot (see Gypsywort)
Ground Raspberry (see Goldenseal)
Guelder Rose (see Crampbark)
Gum Arabic Granules
Gum Arabic Powder
Gum Plant (see Comfrey)
Gypsyweed (see Speedwell)
Gypsywort *
Hag Taper (see Mullein)
Hart's thorn (see Buckthorn)
Hawberry (see Hawthorn berries/flowers)
Hawthorn berries *
Hawthorn flowers *
Heartsease *
Heatherberries (see Bilberry)
Hemp seed *
Henna leaf *
Herb of Circe (see Mandrake)
Herb of Enlightenment (see Rhodiola)
Herb of the Sea (see Bladderwrack)
Herb of Tranquillity (see Vetiver root)
Herb Robert *
Hercules' Club (see Prickly Ash)
Hibiscus flowers
High Cranberry (see Crampbark)
High John
Himalayan pink salt
Hina (see Henna leaf)
Hind Heal (see Tansy)
Hippy Herb (see Patchouli)
Hogweed (see Knotgrass)
Holigold (see Calendula)
Holy Basil (see Tulsi)
Holy Ghost Root (see Angelica)
Holy Hay (see Goat's rue)
Holy Herb (see Vervain)
Holy Lime (see Linden Flower)
Holy Rope (see Agrimony)
Holy Thistle (see Blessed Thistle)
Holy weed (see Yerba Santa)
Honey Bee Mint (see Melissa)
Honey Leaf (see Stevia)
Honeystalk (see Red Clover)
Hoodwort (see Scullcap)
Hook and Arn (see Yerba Santa)
Hops *
Horehound *
Horny Goat weed *
Horny-little-devil (see Tribulus)
Horse-Heal (see Elecampane)
Horsetail *
Huckleberry (see Bilberry)
Hurts (see Bilberry)
Hurtsickle (see Cornflower)
Hyssop *
Iceland Moss *
India Root (see Galangal root)
Indian Balm (see Beth root)
Indian Dye (see Goldenseal)
Indian Echinacea (see Andrographis)
Indian Elm (see Slippery Elm)
Indian Gooseberry (see Amla Berry)
Indian Sage (see Boneset)
Indian Shamrock (see Beth root)
Inkberry (see Poke root)
Inkweed (see Poke root)
Inula (see Elecampane)
Irish Moss *
Italian Fitch (see Goat's rue)
Jacob’s staff (see Mullein)
Jamacian Dogwood *
Jasmine buds *
Jew's Harp Plant (see Beth root)
Jezebel root
Jobs Tears *
Joe-Pye (see Gravel root)
Johnny Jump Up (see Heartsease)
Juniper Berry *
Juno's Tears (see Vervain)
Jupiter’s staff (see Mullein)
Karela (see Bitter Gourd)
Kava Kava
Kelp (see Bladderwrack)
Kidney root (see Gravel root)
King of the Bitters (see Andrographis)
King of Trees (see Oakbark)
King's Crown (see Crampbark)
Kinni-Kinnick (see Bearberry)
Klamath Weed (see St Johns wort)
Knitbone (see Comfrey)
Knotgrass *
Kola nut *
Ladies Mantle *
Ladies Thumb (see Knotgrass)
Lady Ellhorn (see Elder flower)
Lady of the Woods (see Birch leaf)
Lady's Meat (see Hawthorn berries/flowers)
Lamb's Quarters (see Beth root)
Lavender *
Lebbek Tree (see Albizzia)
Lemon Balm (see Melissa)
Lemon Grass
Lemon Myrtle *
Lemon Verbena
Leopard's bane (see Arnica)
Lichen (see Iceland Moss)
Lime tree (see Linden Flower)
Linden Flower *
Linden Leaf *
Lion Tail (see Motherwort)
Licorice *
Little John (see Galangal root)
Locust Plant (see Senna pods)
Look-in-the-ditch (see Pennyroyal)
Lotus (see Sacred Lotus)
Love Herb (see Damiana)
Love Leaves (see Burdock root)
Love-in-Idleness (see Heartsease)
Lover Root (see Orris root)
Lovers' Tree (see Linden Flower)
Maca root *
Madderwort (see Wormwood)
Mad-dog (see Scullcap)
Madweed (see Scullcap)
Maize (see Cornsilk)
Mallard (see Marshmallow)
Mallow (see Marshmallow)
Mandrake *
Manna from Heaven (see Iceland Moss)
Man's Health (see Siberian Ginseng)
Margosa (see Neem)
Marian Thistle (see St Marys Thistle)
Marigold (see Calendula)
Marshmallow leaf*
Marshmallow root*
Masterwort (see Angelica)
Mauls (see Marshmallow)
May Apple (see Mandrake)
May-tree (see Hawthorn berries/flowers)
Medicine Chest (see Elderberry)
Medicine plant (see Aloe Vera)
Mediterranean thistle (see St Marys Thistle)
Melissa *
Mesquite powder
Mignonette tree (see Henna leaf)
Milfoil (see Yarrow flower)
Milk thistle (see St Marys Thistle)
Milkweed (see Euphorbia)
Mistletoe *
Mojo Wish Bean
Monk's Pepper (see Chasteberry)
Mortification Root (see Marshmallow)
Mosquito grass (see Pennyroyal)
Moss of the Rock (see Irish Moss)
Mother’s Heart (see Shepherd's Purse)
Motherwort *
Mountain Balm (see Yerba Santa)
Mountain Daisy (see Arnica)
Mountain Tobacco (see Arnica)
Mugwort *
Muira Puama *
Mullein *
Mums (see Chrysanthemum)
Myrrh *
Myrtle Blueberry (see Bilberry)
Myrtle Flag (see Calamus root)
Nard (see Lavender)
Nardus (see Lavender)
Nature's Sweetener (see Stevia)
Naughty Man (see Mugwort)
Neem *
Nigella seed
Nightingale (see Hops)
Nine Hooks (see Ladies Mantle)
NineJoints (see Knotgrass)
Ninety-knot (see Knotgrass)
Nosebleed plant (see Yarrow flower)
Oakbark *
Odin's Spear (see Elecampane)
Old Gal (see Elder flower)
Old Man's Herb (see Purple Dulse)
Old Man's pepper (see Yarrow flower)
Old Uncle Henry (see Mugwort)
Old Woman (see Wormwood)
Olibanum (see Frankincense)
Olive leaf *
Orangeroot (see Goldenseal)
Organ Tea (see Pennyroyal)
Orris root *
Osier (see Willow bark)
Osterick (see Bistort root)
Oswego Tea (see Bergamot)
Our Lady's Herb (see Ladies Mantle)
Pan Pipes (see Horsetail)
Papoose root (see Blue Cohosh)
Partridgeberry (see Squaw vine)
Passerina (see Chickweed)
Passionflower *
Passions (see Bistort root)
Passions (see Bistort root)
Patchouli *
Pau D'arco bark *
Pennyroyal *
Peony root *
Peony Tea *
Pepper & Salt (see Shepherd's Purse)
Pepper Grass (see Shepherd's Purse)
Pepperwood (see Prickly Ash)
Peruvian Ginseng (see Maca root)
Pickpocket (see Shepherd's Purse)
Pigeon Berry (see Poke root)
Pigweed (see Knotgrass)
Pink Pokers (see Bistort root)
Pipe Weed (see Horsetail)
Pipe-Tree (see Elder flower)
Plantain leaf
Poke root *
Poke Sallet (see Poke root)
Poor Man's Asparagus (see Poke root)
Poppy (see Californian Poppy)
Powder-puff Tree (see Albizzia)
Prickly Ash bark *
Professor-Weed (see Goat's rue)
Pudding grass (see Bistort root)
Pudding Grass (see Pennyroyal)
Puncturevine (see Tribulus)
Purple Boneset (see Gravel root)
Purple Coneflower (see Echinacea)
Purple Dulse *
Pygeum bark *
Pyrethrum (see Feverfew)
Quack Grass (see Witchgrass)
Quakers Bonnets (see Scullcap)
Quassia bark *
Queen Elizabeth Root (see Orris root)
Queen of all Medicinal Plants (see Tumeric root)
Queen of Australia (see Lemon Myrtle)
Queen of Flowers (see Rosebuds)
Queen of Lemon herbs (see Lemon Myrtle)
Queen of the Herbs (see Elder flower)
Queen-of-the-Meadow (see Gravel root)
Quick grass (see Witchgrass)
Rakhi Flower (see Passionflower)
Raspberry leaf *
Rattle Pod (see Albizzia)
Rattleroot (see Black Cohosh)
Rattlesnake Root (see Beth root)
Red Clover *
Red Elm (see Slippery Elm)
Red Robin (see Herb Robert)
Red Sage root *
Red Seeweed (see Irish Moss)
Red Sorrel (see Sheep Sorrel)
Rhodiola *
Rope grass (see Witchgrass)
Rose Haw (see Rosehip)
Rose Root (see Rhodiola)
Rosebuds *
Rosehip *
Rosehip granules
Rosemary Rowdy Lamb Herb (see Horny Goat weed)
Run-by-the-Ground (see Pennyroyal)
Russian Root (see Siberian Ginseng)
Sacred Bark (see Cascara bark)
Sacred Basil (see Tulsi)
Sacred herb (see Yerba Santa)
Sacred Herb of the Rainforests (see Cats Claw)
Sacred Lotus *
Sacred Sage (see White Sage)
Safflower *
Sal Negro (see Black Salt)
Sallow (see Willow bark)
Salvia Alpine (see White Sage)
Sandalwood *
Sandalwood - red chips
Sanguinary (see Yarrow flower)
Santeria salt (see Black Salt)
Sarasparilla *
Sassafras *
Satan's Apple (see Mandrake)
Satin Flower (see Chickweed)
Saw Palmetto
Scabwort (see Elecampane)
Schisandra berries *
Scullcap *
Sea Lettuce (see Purple Dulse)
Sea Oak (see Bladderwrack)
Sea Spirit (see Bladderwrack)
Seal Root (see Solomons Seal)
Seeds of Horus (see Horehound)
Semen of Ares (see Red Clover)
Senna pods *
Serpentaria (see Bistort root)
Seven year's love (see Yarrow flower)
Shave Grass (see Horsetail)
Sheep Sorrel *
Shepherd’s Heart (see Shepherd's Purse)
Shepherd's Purse *
Siberian Ginseng *
Silver Bells (see Crampbark)
Silver Birch (see Birch leaf)
Silybum (see St Marys Thistle)
Slippery Elm *
Slippery Root (see Comfrey)
Smartweed (see Knotgrass)
Snake Grass (see Horsetail)
Snakebite (see Beth root)
Snakeroot (see Bistort root)
Snakeweed (see Bistort root)
Snakeweed (see Euphorbia)
Sneezewort (see Arnica)
Snowball Tree (see Crampbark)
Snowbells (see Benzoin)
Soapwort (see Comfrey)
Soldier's woundwort (see Yarrow flower)
Solomons Seal *
Son-Before-the-Father (see Coltsfoot)
Sorcerer's Root (see Mandrake)
Sour Weed (see Sheep Sorrel)
Southern John the Conqueror (see Beth root)
Southern Wood (see Wormwood)
Spearwort (see Elecampane)
Speedwell *
Spike (see Lavender)
Spurge (see Euphorbia)
Squaw Herb (see Black Cohosh)
Squaw root (see Blue Cohosh)
Squaw vine *
St Johns wort *
St Marys Thistle *
St Michaels (see Eyebright)
St. Benedict Thistle (see Blessed Thistle)
St. James’ Weed (see Shepherd's Purse)
St. Mary's Seal (see Solomons Seal)
Star Anise
Star Flower (see Borage)
Starweed (see Chickweed)
Starwort (see Chickweed)
Stellaire (see Chickweed)
Stepmother (see Heartsease)
Stevia *
Sticklewort(see Agrimony)
Sticky weed (see Cleavers)
Sticky Willie (see Cleavers)
Stinking Benjamin (see Beth root)
Stinky Bob (see Herb Robert)
Stinky Feet herb (see Valerian)
Storksbill (see Herb Robert)
Styrax resin (see Benzoin)
Sulfur powder (see Brimstone)
Summer's Bride (see Calendula)
Sweating Plant (see Boneset)
Sweet Annie *
Sweet Grass (see Calamus root)
Sweet Leaf (see Stevia)
Sweet Root (see Calamus root)
Sweet Sagewort (see Sweet Annie)
Sweet Wood (see Licorice)
Sweet Woodruff (see Cleavers)
Sweet Wormwood (see Sweet Annie)
Tackweed (see Tribulus)
Tash plant (see Coltsfoot)
Tear Grass (see Jobs Tears)
Tears of Isis (see Vervain)
Teasel (see Boneset)
Texas lilac (see Chasteberry)
The Devil's Walking Stick (see Prickly Ash)
The Dream Herb (see Mugwort)
The Egyptian's herb (see Gypsywort)
The Giving Tree (see Birch leaf)
The Herb of Gladness (see Borage)
The Holy Herb (see Hyssop)
The Kings Herb (see Maca root)
The Magic Spice (see Tumeric root)
The Menopause Herb (see Black Cohosh)
The Mother Herb (see Mugwort)
The Shit Tree (see Cascara bark)
The Survival Herb (see Speedwell)
The Watchful Tree (see Birch leaf)
The Witches Herb (see Vervain)
Thornapple (see Hawthorn berries/flower)
Thornberry (see Hawthorn berries/flower)
Thoroughwort (see Boneset)
Thousand leaf (see Yarrow flower)
Thousand seal (see Yarrow flower)
Three-Leafed Nightshade (see Beth root)
Thuja *
Thunderbroom (see Mistletoe)
Tickgrass (see Pennyroyal)
Tickle-my-fancy (see Heartsease)
Tiger's Chaundron (see Ladies Mantle)
Tingle Tongue (see Prickly Ash)
Tongue Grass (see Chickweed)
Toothache Tree (see Prickly Ash)
Tree of Doom (see Elder flower)
Tree of Enchntment (see Willow bark)
Tree of Life (American) (see Thuja)
Tree of Life (European) (see Olive leaf)
Tree of the Gods (see Oakbark)
Trefoil (see Red Clover)
Tribulus *
Trinitatis (see Heartsease)
Trumpet weed (see Gravel root)
Tulsi *
Tumeric root *
Twitch (see Witchgrass)
Unicorn Root (see Boneset)
Uva-Ursi (see Bearberry)
Vaijayanti beads (see Jobs Tears)
Valerian *
Variegated thistle (see St Marys Thistle)
Velcro weed (see Cleavers)
Velvet Dock (see Elecampane)
Verbena (see Vervain)
Veronica (see Speedwell)
Vervain *
Vetiver root *
Victory Plant (see Speedwell)
Village Dispensary (see Neem)
Violet Herb (see Heartsease)
Violet leaves
Voodoo salt (see Black Salt)
Wake Robin (see Beth root)
Wartwort (see Euphorbia)
Water Elder (see Crampbark)
Water Hoarhound (see Gypsywort)
Water Hyssop (see Brahmi)
Wax Myrtle (see Bayberry)
Wheat grass (see Witchgrass)
Whinberry (see Bilberry)
White Pine bark
White Sage *
White-Cedar (see Thuja)
Whitehorn (see Hawthorn berries/flowers)
Whorts (see Bilberry)
Wild Artichoke (see St Marys Thistle)
Wild Bergamot (see Bergamot)
Wild Camomile (see Feverfew)
Wild Lavender (see Chasteberry)
Wild Lettuce
Wild Millet (see Witchgrass)
Wild pansy (see Heartsease)
Wild Sunflower(see Elecampane)
Wild Turmeric (see Goldenseal)
Willow bark *
Willowherb (see Epilobuim)
Winter Clover (see Squaw vine)
Winterbloom (see Witch Hazel)
Winterweed (see Chickweed)
Witch Hazel *
Witches Herb (see Wormwood)
Witches Ladder (see Knotgrass)
Witches Manikin (see Mandrake)
Witches' Pouches (see Shepherd's Purse)
Witches salt (see Black Salt)
Witches' Weed (see Cinquefoil)
Witchgrass *
Witch's Aspirin (see Willow bark)
Wolfberry (see Goji berry)
Wolf's Milk (see Euphorbia)
Wolfsbane (see Arnica)
Wolfstrapp (see Gypsywort)
Woman's Tongues (see Albizzia)
Wood Betony *
Wood Spider (see Devils Claw)
Woodpecker (see Peony root)
Wormwood *
Yarrow flower *
Yarrow leaf*
Yellow Dock *
Yellow Ginseng (see Blue Cohosh)
Yellow Puccoon (see Goldenseal)
Yellow-Cedar (see Thuja)
Yerba Mate
Yerba Santa *

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