Premium Wish Candles - individual

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Wish Candles - individual
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Unscented mini candles made of 100% vegetable stearin (i.e. vegan with no nasties) plus they are hand poured use natural dyes and a cotton, lead free wick to ensure a hard wearing candle with a clean, long lasting burn (approx 45 minutes) that's good for the environment.

Choose from fourteen different colours - each with its own magickal meaning as part of a complete system:

Black - protection, career, management
Brown - budgets, systems, trust, good luck
Gold - strength, health, vitality, life force
Green - money, wealth, assets, manual work
Magenta - assign your own special intention
Navy - the arts, connection, sensitivity
Orange - new ventures, prosperity, growth
Pale Blue - love and romance, beauty, self care
Pink - partnerships, sex, passions, balance
Purple - magick, surprises, technology, teaching
Red - independence, spirituality, fun
Silver - home, family, children, fertility
White - all purpose, general candle

Each candle is 1.2 x 9.5 cm tall and ideal for ritual use as they are solid in colour and unscented.

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