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The Portent Tarot
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Find the space to breathe, connect, and intuit with this gorgeous minimalist tarot deck and companion guide.


The Portent Tarot is a deck of darkness and revelation. It offers space to explore beneath the currents of our subconscious and bring to light the things we need to focus on now. It is a liminal home where you can let your guard down and travel within the expanse of an inner universe. It sometimes has a sharp tongue, speaking the hidden things we wish to avoid, but with that comes our strength and growth.


The cards are presented without titles to emphasise their line-drawn symbols. This deck welcomes everyone, beginners and advanced readers alike, but relies on knowledge of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith system. Included in the box is a companion guide that can provide additional guidance. The Portent Tarot can also make an excellent companion deck to enhance readings with more traditional cards.


The Portent Tarot includes 78 matte cards (70mm x 120mm) and a 144-page companion guide.


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