Tarot Cards - Transient Light

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Tarot Cards - Transient Light
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An 81-card deck and guidebook that invites the reader to embrace change and see it through a positive lens, with diverse, gender-neutral illustrations.


With gender-free artwork and language, this queer reimagining of the classic Rider Waite Smith tarot will meet you on your journey to self-acceptance to help you discover your unique inner magic.


No matter what is happening in life, things keep moving and we are constantly growing, learning and expanding. Moments are fleeting and every day brings an opportunity for change. This is the beauty of transience and the message at the core of Transient Light Tarot by queer artist Ari Wisner (they/them).


This powerful 81-card tarot beautifully captures the essence and qualities of the classic figures but has moved away from stereotypes so that each and every one of us can find ourselves within it. Transient Light Tarot is also plastic-free and includes three extra cards – past, present and future – as a way to focus your intentions on one area of your life. The accompanying guidebook includes 29 bespoke poems by Fausta Joly as an additional way to connect with the cards.


Inspired by Ari’s own journey towards embracing the inevitability of endings, this deck aims to help you embrace transience, so you can find healing, gratitude and the bravery to live more authentically and fully.



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