Mini Book set - Lunar Abundance Lamp

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Mini Book set - Lunar Abundance Lamp
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Connect to the moon's cycles and add lunar beauty to your space with this gift set including a laser-engraved mini moon lamp, stand, mini book, and USB cable.


Lamp is laser-engraved with moon landscape and housed within in a solid, clear glass crystal 5cm in diameter; it rests on a round wooden stand.  The mini moon lamp lights up with an ON/OFF switch with LED to illuminate the beautiful full moon

Set includes a USB cable to power your mini moon lamp; though it also operates with 3 AAA batteries (not included)


The accompanying full-colour illustrated 48-page mini book outlines author Ezzie Spencer's Lunar Abundance practice with profiles of the 8 moon phases, tips on how to create New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies, and more.

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